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Normal Production Of Cement Brick Making Machine

Cement brick making machine China will inevitably have such mechanical problems during the production process. No matter what major or minor problems occur, they will affect the progress of production and also affect the sales situation of the manufacturer. Therefore, cement bricks No one wants to see failures in machine production, and the normal operation of the cement brick making machine is related to the normal production of the brick factory and the improvement of the yield. Well now, there is a solution to this problem. Haomei tells you to take four steps to easily ensure the normal production of the cement brick machine. Isn't it amazing?

cement brick making machine

Cement brick making machine only needs four steps to ensure normal production:

Step 1: Do the inspection of the cement bricks machine before starting the machine. The main thing is to keep the mold clean, the imprisoned link of the equipment to be locked, and whether the oil pipe is leaking.

Step 2: Turn on the cooler more seasonally. Turn on the cooler before turning it on in summer, and turn on the cooler again when the machine's oil temperature exceeds 45 degrees in winter when the machine is empty for half an hour.

Step 3: Check the cement brick making machine after shutdown. Check whether the key moving parts such as the mold, bearing and screw of the cement brick machine are normal.

cement brick

Step 4: Clean up molds, material trucks, machines, etc. after shutting down every day. The running parts of the cement brick making machine need a proper amount of slippery oil. The spilled oil should be cleaned up properly to avoid dust and damage to the machine parts .

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