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Operation safety measures of hydraulic block brick machine

Hydraulic block brick machine operation safety measures:

I usually work in a machinery factory, and injury accidents will happen. The light ones are just a little injury, and the serious ones may even cause disabilities. The manufacturer pays a high amount of compensation. This is something that every boss does not want to see Yes, although the chance is small, safety measures must be taken, which is good for both the boss and the employees. Hydraulic block brick machine-made brick factory is also a kind of machinery factory. In order to avoid similar incidents, operators and maintenance personnel must operate in accordance with safe operation rules, and other employees who have not received training should not operate privately. equipment. the

When the hydraulic block brick machine equipment is working, do not put your hands or other sundries in the working range of the equipment's moving parts, and ensure the cleanliness and sanitation around the block machine and around the moving parts, especially flammable and explosive items should not be placed; staff After entering the production site, you need to wear a safety helmet, and you are not allowed to wear loose clothes or loose hair to enter; employees in the raw material processing workshop should wear masks and do a good job of dust prevention; when the hydraulic block machine equipment fails, it should be shut down immediately During maintenance, the safety lock must be opened at the same time to prevent accidents caused by the oil cylinder sliding down during the maintenance process; the pressure in the oil circuit is relatively high, and the unloading valve should be opened before maintenance to reduce the pressure naturally to prevent high-pressure hydraulic oil from spraying out and hurting people; equipment And other ancillary equipment must be grounded for protection. Other ancillary equipment should be powered off during maintenance, and then repaired. Maintenance personnel should stay away before restarting to prevent safety accidents.

After the equipment is installed and commissioned, the industry will provide employees with safety and maintenance training. Only trained employees can operate and maintain the equipment, and other employees are not allowed to operate the equipment at will. The safe operation of the hydraulic block brick machine is related to everyone's life safety and property. During the work process, the rules and regulations are strictly followed to ensure the smooth progress of production.

Operation safety measures of hydraulic block brick machine

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