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Precautions For First Operation Of Brick Machine

Before the full set of China paver making machine equipment is officially produced, it needs to be tested and run. The first test machine should be observed in all directions whether the components of the cement brick machine are intact and whether the machine is tightly installed. After the inspection, start the test machine.

The first test of the paver making machine should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. When the machine is first tested, it must be filtered with a manual pallet. The error of the length and thickness of the pallet should be kept below plus or minus 2mm to prevent the card board from damaging the board feeder.

China paver making machine

2. The bottom plate of the hopper should be consistent with the plane of the mold, and it should be checked and adjusted after a certain period of time. After the hopper is returned, it can scrape back the remaining material and clean the surface of the indenter. The upper and lower scrapers should be adjusted later. Excessive wear should be replaced in time.

3. Check whether the brick receiving machine is clean, and find that there are sticky materials, which must be shoveled out before being sent to the bottom machine of the molding machine. Vibration pressure time should be strictly controlled. If necessary, the amount of material can be adjusted. At any time, pay attention to whether the limit of each process is normal, whether the screw is loose, and if there is an accident, it should be stopped and adjusted in time.

4. Check the power supply of china paver making machine includes checking the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage, short circuit and other phenomena.

5. The hydraulic system should be adjusted to the rated pressure, clean the oil filter regularly, filter the oil at least once a year, and regularly check the hydraulic system from time to time to achieve the effect of component safety and product life extension.

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