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Protective Measures of Concrete Block Machine

Concrete block machine manufacturer reminds you that the block machine should have the following protective measures, and you should pay attention to these points when inspecting the equipment.

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1. It must have reliable safety protection devices and comply with relevant regulations.

2. Exposed moving parts that are easily accessible to the human body shall be provided with protective devices.

3. Motors that require one-way rotation should mark the direction of rotation arrows at appropriate locations.

4. When the concrete block machine is operated manually, automatic circulation work is not allowed.

5. The concrete block machine should be equipped with an automatic circulation emergency stop system (including emergency stop button). After the emergency stop command is issued, the concrete block machine should stop the automatic cycle immediately.

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6. The concrete block machine should be equipped with protection devices such as overload, lack of material in the trough and lack of material in the mold.

7. The noise sound pressure level of the automatic concrete block machine during continuous operation with no load and full load should not exceed the limit listed in the following table.

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