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South Africa Interlock Bricks Machine Price

cement brick machine

Buying a interlocking brick machine not only needs to know south africa interlock bricks machine price, but also the use skills of the brick machine.

1. When the cement brick machine is working, don't put tools and hands into the drum to avoid accidents; this is a behavior that is not allowed during any mechanical operation, so be sure to remember.

2. Before starting the interlock brick machine equipment, check whether the clutch, brake, wire rope, etc. are in good condition, and there must be no foreign matter in the drum.

interlock bricks machine

3. When the hollow bricks machine is inspected and maintained, it is necessary to fix the hopper and cut off the power supply.

4. Remember to pay attention to whether the limit of each process is in a normal state at any time, such as whether the screw is loose. We need to pay attention to various problems at any time. If problems occur, we should stop and adjust in time to eliminate hidden dangers.

5. Product vibration pressure time must be strictly controlled. Vibration time needs to be adjusted according to product requirements, and the best ratio between production rate and quality must be summarized. If necessary, adjust the amount of feed or the number of feeds to achieve a balance status.

south africa interlock bricks machine price

6. When we use the mixer, we must place it in a solid place, and use a bracket or foot tube to stabilize it, and tires cannot be used instead of supports.

7. Pay attention to controlling the oil temperature. Once it is too high, it will affect the performance of the interlock brick machine for sale.

8. For hydraulic parts such as oil cylinders, valve blocks, and oil pipes, once oil leaks occur, repair methods such as oil seals and sealing rings need to be replaced immediately or the entire parts are replaced to avoid malfunction of the machine.

9. We need to pay attention to that when the hopper is raised, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper. After the cement brick machine is completed, the hopper needs to be fixed before leaving.

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