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Why Is Dust When Block Machine Working

As a vibrating equipment, hollow block machine automatic is deeply trusted by consumers because of its strong production capacity and excellent production quality, and the block making machine should better guarantee the long-term stable production of equipment, equipment production process and later use Maintenance in is equally important. And just recently, a user friend consulted on the website of block machine automatic: why the phenomenon of dust appears when the block machine works. Here, the editor will briefly analyze the cause of this problem for you, and remind you this friend a little bit, we have done the production of the brick machine, but your maintenance work can not be done Yeah.

hollow block machine automatic

First of all, the phenomenon of dusting during the work of the hollow block machine automatic mainly occurs in the molding process of the equipment, which is what we usually call the vibration pressurization process, and in this link, if the previous production work is completed After the block brick machine has not been cleaned in a comprehensive and in-place manner, this phenomenon will easily occur in the next production. Once the block brick machine has not been fully cleaned and maintained for a long time, it is easy to accelerate the aging process of the equipment, and problems such as rust and condensation will gradually occur, and the block will be eroded step by step in the future The health of the brick machine may even cause an accident at work, causing danger. Therefore, the brick machine must pay attention to the daily cleaning work, and must not do it because of the temporary saving of the picture, or the work is not complete, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In addition, the brick block machine has this problem. In addition to the lack of cleaning work, if the moisture is not enough during the mixing of the raw materials, it will also cause the dust phenomenon when the block machine work. Once the dust is caused by the dry humidity of the raw materials, it means that the water content of the mixing process is seriously insufficient, or because the raw materials are not stirred evenly, and the bricks produced from this raw material must be solidified before it Immediately re-add the mixer to thoroughly mix, so as not to cause quality problems in the bricks.

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