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Brick Machine Empty Machine Operation

Before the formal production of cement brick plant to carry out empty machine test run, in order to prevent cement brick machine in the process of placing problems and not be detected. So the cement brick machine empty machine test run how to operate?

First of all, to ensure that there are no personnel and foreign bodies in the cement brick plant, in the determination of the brick machine equipment internal normal after closing the general power switch.

cement brick plant

Then close the power switch and each three-phase controller on the control cabinet of cement brick plant in turn. After the three-phase controller is closed, the operation button can be pressed one by one on the operation cabinet of the cement brick machine to check whether the corresponding contactor is pressed to control the suction and closure.

After the electrical inspection is normal, start the oil pump motor and other motor of cement brick machine to check whether the steering of each motor is correct. Finally, check the cement brick plant parts of the belt is firm, if there is a slip or can not drive the situation, please timely maintenance.

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