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Block Making Machine

Necessary Equipment for Block Machine

Hydraulic cement block making machine for sale every 15 seconds forming once, the speed of high output, if the single use of manual feeding, block and other work, low efficiency and cost of labor, therefore, large hydraulic block machine in the production needs a few necessary auxiliary equipment.

1. Batching machine, hydraulic block machine batching machine can not only omit manual feeding, and can be proportionally and quantitatively for block making machine feeding, so as to ensure that all produced hydraulic block quality and material proportion is consistent.

cement block making machine for sale

2. Loader, the only purpose of using loader is to feed the machine, auxiliary block machine equipment production.

3. Cement tank, and hydraulic block machine batching machine similar to the working nature, hydraulic block machine cement tank is mainly reflected in the role of quantitative transmission, hydraulic block machine cement tank with cement pump can ensure that all hydraulic block cement content is nearly the same.

4. Palleting machine, hydraulic block machine palleting machine working principle is cement block making machine for sale produced by the hydraulic block with the plate neatly arranged, to facilitate the transport of more than one plate of block, reduce the frequency of block transport.

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5. Motor forklift, in the production of cement block making machine, one or two motor forklifts can be used according to the size of the actual site. After stacking and stacking the hydraulic block products neatly by the stacking machine, the products are transported to the designated site for drying and maintenance by a forklift, which perfectly replaces the manual round-trip transportation.

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