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Block Making Machine

Use Details of Block Machine

Concrete block machine like a person's body, people will fall ill under the influence of external factors, brick machine is the same, in the use of the process can not say there must be no fault. There are many reasons for the failure of block making machine, but there are many small details that can be avoided. In other words, the devil is in the details. Following by brick moulding machine manufacturers to give you some analysis:

concrete block machine

1. Cleaning, we think a lot of heavy equipment to clean up difficult. It is also because it is so bulky that we think the equipment needs little or no cleaning, which is a mistake. The equipment need not clean, is to see the working conditions, we humans work in a very dirty environment also need to take a shower every day, the equipment is the same, every day after the production of block machine concrete must clean the mold, pump station, power distribution cabinet.

2. Every day before the production, please check the various parts of the block machine concrete, such as the tightness of screws, the tightness of the motor belt, the joint of welding gaps and other details.

3. Focus on the block machine mold is an important part of our production, but the mold is easy to wear parts, although my company has produced the mold after heat treatment. However, please clean the mold carefully after the production is finished every day, so as to extend the life of the mold. Pay attention to the replacement of the mold after the completion of cleaning oil preservation, to ensure the next use of replacement.

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