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Block Making Machine

Later Maintenance of Block Machine

No matter how high quality and function of the block machine automatic, if long time overload operation, will greatly reduce its service life, the formation of a lot of vulnerable parts present problems. Maintenance protection operation proper main! Take us for example, if we work for a long time and did not get satisfied rest, then we will be physically and mentally tired, not intentional work, and then affect the efficiency of the work, about the block machine is more so.

Supply of block machine oil:

1. The oil has obviously changed to milky white, but there is no odor. At this time, it means that water and air have been mixed into the oil. It is necessary to separate the water and air first, and then check the appearance and the viscosity of the oil before using it.

2. The oil in the oil tank of the block making machine is transparent, but has colored lines and no odor. Use the instrument to check the viscosity of the oil. If it can meet the standard, you can continue to use it. However, you should try to avoid the use of different brands or models. Failure, and greatly shorten the service life of hydraulic oil.

block machine automatic

3. The hydraulic oil is transparent, but has small black spots or other impurities, no odor, and good fluidity.You can use multiple filtration methods to filter the oil first, and then check the appearance of the block machine and the viscosity of the oil to meet the standard.

4. During the normal movement of the hydraulic system, try not to communicate high-quality types or trademarks. When two different types or brands of hydraulic oil are mixed, because the chemical composition is different, the chemical composition of the hydraulic oil can be changed Nature changes.

Therefore, the maintenance of the reducer is very important at ordinary times, and the oil needs to be replaced regularly. The above notes on the oil can be strengthened in daily production, so that the cost loss can be reduced. The maintenance of the block machine equipment is also subject to the use of oil The impact of the reducer's vibration speed during production will not cause the block forming error due to too fast, so it is very important to make the production of the block machine concrete more balanced.

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