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Brick Machine Precautions In Summer

The cement brick machine protects China's valuable land capital, and also completes the re-use of the capital.For example, we all think that it is waste slag, slag, construction waste, etc., which can be converted into non-fired bricks by brick machine equipment, The recovery and use of capital is completed, which is why the state has issued relevant policies to vigorously support the development of cement brick malls.

Now in the summer, when there are many high temperature or rainy weather, the brick making machine should be protected in time under bad weather conditions, and the rust inside the brick machine cannot be allowed. Because all brick machine equipment is made of metal materials, it is more difficult to eliminate corrosion, but it can slow down the occurrence of corrosion. For adhesive wear, measures such as improving processing accuracy and enhancing lubrication effects can be taken to solve.

For abrasive wear, methods such as surface strengthening treatment, surface lubrication treatment, improving bearing seal structure, improving parts processing accuracy, ensuring lubricating oil filtration quality, and reducing surface damage during manufacturing and use can be used to solve.

For corrosion and abrasion, the intrusion of corrosive substances in the bearing environment should be reduced, the surface of the parts should be treated with corrosion resistance or manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials. In addition, it can also be improved from the perspective of the product structure design and manufacturing of the brick making machine, such as improving the machining accuracy of the parts, reducing the deterioration layer generated in the grinding process, and ensuring the elastic fluid dynamic pressure lubrication film to achieve the purpose of preventing wear.

cement brick machine

In addition, the correct use and maintenance of brick machine molds also need to pay attention to

1. Install or replace new and old molds, be sure to avoid collision, bumps, civilized assembly, pay attention to protect the mold of the brick machine.

2. Always check the size of the mold and the condition of the welding joints during use. If there is a crack in the weld, it should be repaired in time. If the wear is too fast, the particle size of the aggregate should be adjusted. If the wear is excessive, the quality of the product must be adjusted.

3. Carefully adjust the gap, including the distance between the indenter and the mold core, the indenter and the movement plane of the feed car, the mold frame and the wire plate, and the relative movement must not interfere and rub.

4. When cleaning the mold of the brick machine daily, use an air compressor and soft tools to remove the concrete residue. It is strictly forbidden to knock or pry the mold by gravity.

5. The replaced mold should be cleaned, oiled and rust-proof. The supporting pad should be placed in a dry and flat place to prevent gravity deformation.

Zhengzhou Haomei is a brick machine manufacturer with many years of production experience. Combined with the development situation, the details of the cement brick machine equipment have been comprehensively improved and reformed. The equipment realizes a fully automatic control system, which effectively improves the production efficiency. The equipment realizes the automatic feeding of the feeder and realizes the automation of feeding and pressing.

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