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Advantages Of Interlocking Blocks Machine Pallet

As a very important auxiliary equipment in the production of hydraulic interlocking brick machine-pallet, we are diverse in its production types and choices, generally divided into: solid wood pallet, plastic pallet, bamboo pallet , Steel pallets, rubber pallets, composite pallets, etc. Let's focus on the solid wood pallet today.

There are two types of solid wood high-pressure composite pallets of interlocking bricks machine:

hydraulic interlocking brick machine

1. PF solid wood composite pallet. The PF solid wood composite board uses a non-perishable sheet as the strength board. The performance is that the wear-resistant sheet is used as the panel. It combines the advantages of the two materials. It is made of PF high-grade resin and high-temperature and high-pressure composite by a hot press . The characteristics of interlocking blocks machine pallet: a single light weight, wear resistance, strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance of about 100 degrees, difficult to rise, 30 mm thick finished board only about 7 layers. Comprehensive performance index: light, thin, low-temperature cooking expansion rate is low, and the appearance is average. It is suitable for large, medium and small brick factories and steam brick factories.

2. Solid wood high-pressure composite pallet. The solid wood high-pressure composite pallet is made of a non-perishable solid wood plate as the strength board, and the surface is made of resistant sheet material. It is a combination of the advantages of the two materials. to make. The characteristics of kenya interlocking block making machine pallet are: no decay, wear resistance, strong impact resistance, no expansion phenomenon, and it is not easy to layer. The 20 mm thick finished board has only about 5 layers. Comprehensive performance index: This pallet is light, thin and durable. Like moist, general appearance, thin sense. It is suitable for large, medium and small brick factories.

kenya interlocking block making machine

Above are some of our samples. If you are interested in our hydraulic interlocking brick machine, or other pallets of brick machine, please contact us and get a quote today.

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