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Attention Of Block Machine China

block machine china

What problems should be paid attention to in the production of block machine china, in order to ensure the smooth production of block making machine qt8-15, so that the equipment can exert its maximum efficiency and reduce the probability of failure.

1. Check the tightness of bolts in various parts of concrete block making machine bangalore every day, especially the vibrator parts. The vibration motor belt needs to be checked frequently. If there are wear and slippage, it should be replaced in time. , It should be replaced in time;

2. The most important thing in the production of automatic concrete block machine is the mold. The mold affects the quality of the finished brick. When the production is carried out, the mold must be kept clean at all times, and it will not stick. To replace the mold, when the replacement is carried out, it must be suspended with a rope to prevent a sudden fall;


3. China block machine adopts a hydraulic system, which must be clean and must not be mixed with impurities. The oil level must be checked. When using it, ensure that the added oil is clean. ;

4. When the equipment stops production, it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is clean.

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