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Block Making Machine

Electronic Control Of Block Making Machine

Characteristics of electronic control of block making machine china

A. Core control; PLC controller adopts international brand - Taiwan veron programmable electronic controller for program control, perfect function, compact structure, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, using TFT touch screen, can store product formula, auxiliary equipment operation and improve automatic fault detection function; Can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual operation, operation process simulation display, operation parameters can be set and modified on the panel, with formula management function;

block making machine china

B. High efficiency vibration system, vibration frequency of shaking table can be adjusted (using frequency conversion vibration -- a frequency converter specially customized for block making machine china), so that the products can reach the best density, to ensure the strength increase;

C. The vibration system adopts the advantage of frequency conversion.

1. Reduce the motor start current, with soft start function;

2. The brick making machine adopts braking unit and brake resistance for energy consumption, so as to solve the problem of motor inertia during parking;

3. Motor running speed can be adjusted to improve product quality (can increase the excitation acceleration generated by the system)

4. Energy saving effect;

5. Able to realize synchronous operation of two motors;

brick making machine line

D. Device selection.

1. The key components are all from Siemens in Germany and provided by schneider electric company, which are reliable in operation; Convenient maintenance, long service life, more stable system, ensure the continuous production and operation of the block making machine china.

2. German displacement sensor is used for positioning and adjustment of pressure head and mold frame, which improves the working efficiency.

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