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Autoclaved lime sand equipment rainy season rust prevention

Rust prevention in rainy season for autoclaved lime sand equipment:

Summer is coming, and there is more rain. The production of autoclaved lime sand equipment is greatly affected by rain, because most of the production lines of autoclaved lime sand equipment are produced in the open air, so the failure rate of equipment will be high at this time. Why? When this happens, the following industry will answer for you:

First of all, power. The power of autoclaved lime sand equipment comes from electricity. Some brick factories have serious aging lines and no habit of maintenance. When encountering rainy days, various faults will occur. In serious cases, the motor will even be burnt out. This is a phenomenon that is often heard.

Secondly, autoclaved lime-sand equipment is a product made of steel, so it has to be said to be anti-rust. The equipment is in a humid environment for a long time, and it is prone to corrosion, especially the anchor screws and steel plates. It's normal. Also, nuts, everyone knows the structure of nuts, you can think about it, if it rains, if the screws are rusty, can they still be unscrewed from the nuts? This is a very real problem. For the anti-rust treatment of some commonly used parts such as molds, in the heavy rain season, the autoclaved lime sand equipment will stop production when it encounters rainy days. At this time, preventive measures must be taken, and anti-rust can be applied if possible. Oil, if there is no condition, the main components such as the motor and the grinding tool should be removed, and placed in a ventilated and dry place. When used again, production will not be delayed.

The rainy season is coming soon. At this time, customers must take corresponding antirust measures for your autoclaved lime sand equipment. the

Autoclaved lime sand equipment rainy season rust prevention

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