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Block Machine For Sale Ghana

1. Good quality and low cost. Taking the standard brick (240 × 115 × 5 3 ㎜) produced by block machine for sale in ghana as an example, the product has a smooth appearance, sharp edges and corners, high strength, and is more beautiful than red bricks. Due to the large amount of local abundant and cheap waste resources and the unique HJ excitation technology, the cost is lower than the cost of clay bricks, and the cost of each standard brick is only about 0.1 yuan, which has strong market competitiveness.

block machine for sale in ghana

2. Diversification. According to the actual needs of engineering construction, block machine in ghana can produce non-load-bearing or load-bearing bricks with strength grades from MU1.5 to MU30, such as standard bricks, porous bricks, hollow blocks, and colored floor tiles, to meet various construction needs.

3. The waste residue has a wide range of utilization, a large amount of mixing, and local materials, which have sustainable development. Fly ash, slag, water slag, slag, spontaneous combustion coal gangue, sand, stone powder, tailings sand, phosphorous slag, calcium carbide slag, steel slag, construction waste and other industrial wastes can be digested by HJ excitation technology.

hollow block machine for sale

4. Many functions and good performance. Compared with solid clay brick, the no-burn hollow brick produced by hollow block machine for sale has the characteristics of heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, light weight, earthquake resistance, firmness and beauty, which is beneficial to realize the lightness, energy saving, comfort and beauty of the building.

5. The block machine ghana reduces the construction cost and has significant economic advantages. Using its non-fired hollow bricks to build houses saves labor, time, mortar, and heating energy than clay bricks.

6. Expand the use area of buildings. The thickness of the solid clay brick wall is generally 240 ㎜, while the thickness of the non-burning hollow brick wall is generally 190 ㎜, so the usable area can be increased by 2%-3%.

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