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Maintenance of Brick Making Machine During Rainy Season

brick moulding machine

Recently, there has been a lot of rain, and most of brick moulding machine is operated in harsh environments such as sand, gravel, rain, wind and snow. Its technical status is bound to decline faster than other machinery, and the fit between parts will appear to be loose and worn to varying degrees , Rust and fouling, the mating nature of the connecting parts, the mutual positional relationship between the parts and the coordination of the mechanism work will be affected to varying degrees, causing the performance indicators such as power, economy, and reliability to decline, or even cause Machine accident. Therefore, brick machine equipment must pay attention to the technical maintenance of brick moulding machine.

The technical maintenance of cement brick machine equipment refers to a series of technical measures taken to the machine in order to keep the machine in a good technical state, ensure its reliability, improve work efficiency, and extend its service life. The main content of the block making machine for sale is mainly cleaning, tightening, lubrication and adjustment, combined with related inspection and testing work.

All types of machinery and equipment have clear maintenance regulations in the "use and maintenance manual", but in actual work they often do not pay enough attention to this. The brick making machine is mainly manifested in the idea of "cultivation instead of maintenance".

hollow block making machine

There is no maintenance plan at all, and the brick moulding machine often works with minor problems, and will be sent for repair only when it cannot run. Due to the restriction of the harsh environmental conditions on the construction site, technical maintenance is not carried out in accordance with the required "quantity" of maintenance, but what maintenance is thought of and what maintenance is seen. The personnel participating in the maintenance are of low quality and cannot be carried out in accordance with the maintenance procedures, and there is no corresponding maintenance record. The cheap hollow block making machine cannot be maintained on time when funds are in short supply, or use unqualified oil and spare parts. When the construction period is tight, it is to catch up with the progress, not to maintain on schedule, to ignore the operating conditions of the machinery and to force work, etc.

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