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Block Making Machine

Brick Making Machine - Matters Needing Attention

Strictly abide by the safety production operation regulations, and the power supply must be cut off when not working or for maintenance. The automatic brick machine is operating.

1. The operator must read the instructions, be familiar with the working principle and working procedures, and operate the equipment as required. Non-professional operators are never allowed to operate this equipment.

2. The power supply must be cut off when the brick making machine stops working or is overhauled.

automatic brick machine

3. The material should not contain large particles (greater than 10mm) aggregates or other debris. The hook shot blasting machine, especially iron parts and other solid objects, will damage the mold and equipment.

4. Remove the adhesive on the pallet in time. The production of pallets must comply with the regulations, the diagonal error is less than 5mm, and no more than five pieces should be stacked on the plate feeder.

5. When automatic brick making machine is running, non-operators must operate the equipment, and no one can touch the machine to avoid personal accidents.

6. No-load vibration operation for a long time is not allowed.

automatic brick making machine

Notes on brick making machine problems

1 There are quite a lot of weak current circuits in the control cabinet. Red Rocket Lagerstroemia is more sensitive to dust. Daily dust removal work must be done to keep the cabinet clean and tidy.

2. Do not press hard on the touch screen, let alone touch it with hard objects.

3. There is high voltage in the cabinet, non-professionals are not allowed to move.

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