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Hydraulic Pumps Usage In Brick Making Machines' Production Precautions

automatic interlocking brick machine

If the hydraulic press is the power of automatic interlocking brick machine, then the hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. The pressure required for the production of the brick machine comes from the hydraulic system. The efficiency of the hydraulic system in the brick making machine mainly depends on the volume ratio of the hydraulic pump. When the pressure is insufficient or the volume ratio drops to about 70%, routine maintenance is required. So what matters should be paid attention to when using hydraulic pumps?

1. The hydraulic pump should be filled with clean working oil before starting, and then jog several times. When the sound and oil flow direction are normal, the test runs for about 5 minutes, and then it can be used for normal operation.

2. The use of hydraulic oil needs to be selected according to different working temperatures. The increase in oil temperature will cause the viscosity to decrease, and usually the oil temperature needs to be kept below 60 degrees.

automatic brick making machine pump

3. The working oil of the hydraulic pump must be clean and not mixed with debris.

4. Operate in strict accordance with the operating parameters of the hydraulic pump to avoid long-term operation at the highest pressure and highest speed, which will shorten the life of the hydraulic pump. The long-term use of any equipment requires regular maintenance, and automatic brick making machine is no exception. Regular cleaning and maintenance can not only extend the service life of the brick making machine, but also ensure the quality of the products during production.

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