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Brick Moulding Machine For Sale Operation

brick moulding machine for sale

Eight regulations in the production of brick moulding machines

The brick moulding machine for sale is a mechanical and electrical integration equipment. The correct use of protection can ensure production efficiency and extend the life of the equipment. If it is not fixed, it may cause troubles and even unpredictable results.

1. Employees who have not passed the training shall not operate alone.

2. The operator must carefully read and memorize the operation manual of the brick moulding machine, and have a deep understanding of the principle of the equipment, equipment, test run, operation, protection, and maintenance, and after the current operation training, pass special inspections and admit that its ability can be Hold this position before operating the brick moulding machine for sale.

3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system, it is necessary to maintain a stable voltage, and the fluctuation value should not exceed or fall below 5-10% of the additional voltage.

brick moulding machines in zimbabwe

4. It is necessary to close or cover the door or cover of the electrical cabinet, junction box, and console when the machine is working. It is forbidden to open and use it to avoid contamination.

5. When the hydraulic system of the brick moulding machine for sale in China is faulty, analyze the cause in time, eliminate the fault, and do not allow the machine to work with faults, which may cause major incidents.

6. Pay attention to the function of the accumulator. If you find that the inflation pressure is lacking or the parts are damaged, you should deal with it in time.

7. Check and tighten pipe joints regularly to prevent loosening and oil leakage.

8. The operator is forbidden to disassemble and replace the hydraulic components of the brick moulding machine privately. When there is a problem, the equipment maintenance technician should repair the equipment in a timely manner.

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