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Cement Brick Making Machine China

Several solutions for bricks produced by cement brick making machine China if the density is not enough.

1. Unreasonable parameter settings lead to uneven cutting. Solution: Adjust various parameters of the blanking, increase the cloth in the front row of the mold frame, thereby increasing the height of the brick.

2. The damping pad or spring of the vibration table is worn for a long time, which causes the vibration table to be uneven, which in turn leads to inconsistent vibration amplitude of the vibration table. Solution: If the damping pad or spring of the cement brick machine is worn out, replace it with a new one, and then adjust the height of the fixed frame of the vibration table.

cement brick making machine China

3. The positioning shaft and positioning sleeve of the vibration table are worn out and affect the cloth. Solution: Replace worn parts.

4. The vibration amplitude is different before and after the mold frame. Solution: Loosen the front rubber cushion, or tighten the rear rubber cushion.

Please pay attention to the oil temperature of the hydraulic control cabinet of the brick making machine in summer.

For some countries and regions with relatively high temperatures, it is inevitable that the hydraulic control cabinet of the cement brick making machine will overheat. When the oil temperature is too high, the hydraulic oil will stop playing its role.

block sample

how to solve this problem? The brick machine manufacturer reminded that cooling water should be added to the radiator, and the control oil temperature should not exceed 90 degrees. If there is no cooler, make a pool and put the hydraulic control cabinet in it to cool down.

In the process of using the cement brick making machine China, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular maintenance and repair of the cement brick making machine, and strictly follow the instructions provided by the cement brick making machine factory to ensure the cement brick making machine Normal operation.

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