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Fly Ash Can Be Used As Raw Material For Block Machine

Fly ash can be used as the raw material of low cost concrete block machine. Fly ash blocks mainly use waste resources such as fly ash, slag, and sand as raw materials, and are produced through innovative processes. They have a small bulk density (can float on the water), excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, energy saving, sound insulation, and can be processed Good sex and other advantages.

fly ash block machine

It is a new type of energy-saving wall material that can replace hollow blocks and wall panels as non-load-bearing wall materials. Thermal insulation is its biggest advantage. The thermal insulation effect is 4 times that of clay bricks and saves 30% of power consumption- -50%.

The fly ash block machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. After its popularization and use, it can greatly improve the quality of life of residents in various places. It can also recycle the industrial solid wastes such as fly ash, metallurgical slag and tailings in the region to truly realize economic recycling. , To promote the harmonious development of economy and environment. The production process of this product is simple, ordinary workers can learn it in a few days, and the investment is not large, which is very suitable for small and medium investors.

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