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Hydraulic Brick Machine Daily Work

Preparatory work before driving: Check and clean the surface of the hydraulic block machine's rotary table, the mold hole and the debris on each moving part. Enough lubricating oil must be added to each lubrication point. Check the electrical parts for faults and leakage. Check if the filler concentration is appropriate. Check whether the tightness of the V-belt is appropriate.

hydraulic block machine

When the concrete brick making machine is started, the hydraulic brick machine motor is started first. After the rotating disc rotates normally, the feeding motor is turned on and then the upper barrel is fed, and the discharge gate is opened to allow the material to flow into the feeding mechanism barrel. The brick machine starts to work. When working normally, the material in the barrel of the feeder should be kept at 1/2-3/4 of its height. When it is found that the brick press is not operating normally, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

When the machine is stopped, the paving block molding machine in philippines should stop the material supply when it is stopped. When the material in the barrel of the feeding machine is not enough to fill the depth, find the leakage plate under the barrel to pour the remaining material out of the barrel, and then turn off the feeding motor. When the material in the die hole of the rotary disc is completely compressed, the main motor is turned off, and the waste bricks in the die hole of the concrete brick making machine are cleaned up. If you stop for a long time, you should disconnect the current. After parking, the connecting bolts, oil cups, bearings, etc. of the moving parts of the machine should be inspected for prevention.

paving block molding machine in philippines

Before the safety technology machine is started, all protective covers and ground covers must be installed. When the machine is running, in addition to adjusting the depth of seasoning, adjustment and cleaning are strictly prohibited. Check the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage. When it is found that the machine is running abnormally, the inspection should be stopped immediately and the fault should be queued. When concrete block machine is not started, it is not allowed to feed, in case the starting current of the brick machine motor is too large due to the excessive amount of material. The safety pin is not allowed to change the material and size at will, so as to avoid the safety function when overloaded, and the main parts will be damaged. When the safety pin is cut due to overload and the new safety pin is replaced, the oil cup must be filled with lubricating oil to ensure that the belt pulley and the inner sleeve of the pulley will not rust. When stopping due to a power failure, the circuit should be disconnected immediately.

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