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Matters needing attention in the production of autoclaved lime-sand brick production line

The autoclaved lime-sand brick production line has been proved by many sufficient tests that the autoclaved lime-sand brick can be used for load-bearing walls. This product uses a large amount of fly ash as one of the main raw materials, and the price of



Fully automatic brick machine equipment workflow

Fully automatic brick machine equipment relies on hydraulic power. Through simple touch screen operation, the production automation and intelligence of fully automatic brick machine equipment can be realized. The quality of brick machine equipment determi



Lime sand brick strength and application introduction of steam lime sand brick equipment

GB11945-1999 stipulates that lime-sand bricks for steam lime-sand brick equipment are divided into four strength levels: MU10, MU15, MU20, and MU25, and the strength level of superior products shall not be less than MU15.



Fully automatic non-fired brick machine with less investment and quick results

Fully automatic non-fired brick machine is also called non-fired brick machine, hydraulic brick machine, the cement bricks produced do not need to be sintered, and can be sold in the factory after a short period of drying. Fully automatic non-fired brick



How to maintain the autoclaved lime sand brick equipment mold

Autoclaved lime-sand brick equipment molds generally include two parts: a movable mold and a fixed mold (or a punch mold and a concave mold), which can be separated or combined. Take out the finished bricks when they are separated, and inject the blank in



Do you need an environmental impact assessment procedure for an unfired brick machine cement environmental protection brick factory?

Whether or not a project needs an EIA is based on the "Categorized Management Directory of Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China. According to the new
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