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How To Replace Abrasive Tools For Block Machine

How to replace the equipment abrasive tool of cement brick machine

Whether China fully automatic concrete block making machine will have the problem that the upper and lower molds are not taken into account when installing new molds. Block making machine factory introduces you to the method of brick machine equipment when replacing the mold:

Step 1: remove the old brick machine equipment mold.

Step 2: Install the lower mold of the new mold to the main machine and tighten the bolts.

Step 3: Put the upper mold into the mold box of the lower mold.

China fully automatic concrete block making machine

Step 4: Drop the upper hydraulic cylinder onto the concrete block making machine mold.

Step 5: Tighten the upper mold fixing bolts, and then raise the upper mold hydraulic cylinder.

Step 6: Adjust the height of the bricks of the mold you installed.

At present, the locking mode of the mold in the fixed brick machine equipment is generally bolt fixing. There are 1 bolt in each corner of the mold box and the die head, a total of 8 bolts. Each time you replace the brick machine equipment mold, you must first remove these 8 bolts, remove the old mold; then put the new mold in place and tighten these 8 bolts. This completes the replacement of the automatic concrete block making machine mold.

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